Day 69 of 365: Yoda

Thanks for being patient during my hiatus. As a reward for your patience I drew Yoda. I hope you enjoy Yoda and do not take Yoda for granted.

The week off helped, I am feeling far less burned out.

On an off note:
Those of you living in the Portland area, stop by the Gold Dust Meridian during the month of April. They are displaying some new paintings by me. This Friday is the opening. If you stop in then I will be the drunk guy talking about how shitty the art is.




  1. Yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!

  2. Another great drawing - The wait was definitely worth it! It is good to hear that you are feeling less burned out now. I just want to say that I love your art and seeing this every day is very much a treat, so thank you.

  3. Man, you're bringing the goodness. It don't get much more wonderful than this. Besides, of course, the unnamed awesomeness and Obi-Wan Kenobi.