Day 49 of 365: Saelt-Marae

Sorry, I had to counteract that cuteness.

Saelt-Marae, known by many as Yak Face, was a long-lived Yarkora confidence trickster and information broker who lived for several centuries during the waning days of the Old Republic and the reign of Emperor Palpatine. Marae kept details surrounding himself secret, so little was known about his early life. He spent two hundred years courting his chosen mate, and she later bore at least one child of Marae's. Eventually he left her to continue in his life of crime, which was common among the Yarkora people.

Although not too great as a character (ugly, stupid, wastes centuries at a time), his action figure is worth a shit ton of money. I think it is made out of diamonds or something like that.

And that is it for the back tracking. See you tomorrow with my 50th post! It will be special.

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  1. And fuck, you don't wanna see how these bastards go through divorce. Think about 200 years of those weekends dad says he's gonna visit and take you to Disny World, but he never shows up, and you're standing outside your mothers house hopeful that every space ship that enters the atmosphere is his, your mother knowing too well his substance abuse is still too much to bare, and the hopeful look in her child's eyes kills her till she herself becomes a drunken wastrel, bitter and hateful.