Day 68 of 365: Tusken Raider Child

Move over Ronald McDonald, the Tusken Raider Child has replaced you at number ten of my all time creepiest things list.

What are numbers 9-1? I am glad I asked.

9. Fish with see-through head.

8. Crazy big arm guy. There is a video on youtube of this guy draining the infected site on his arm where he injected steroids for years. I would have posted that but I don't want to force you to vomit.

7. Ghosts

6. Mick Mars. Kick start my heart... with fright!

5. Sweetums the Muppet. Sweetums and I do not get along.

4(tie). Old Lady Horn Head and lampreys.

3. Klansmen outfits. The KKK used to be scarier but now it seems like their activities are limited to name calling and inbreeding. They were always a lot of pathetic cowards, its just that now the pathetic level is up there with wet dogs and Uncle Ritchie's apologies after a night of boozing.
The outfits remain extremely creepy.

2. That circle part on an iguana's neck/head. Never bring an iguana near me if you want it to live. However, if you want it to be killed with a blunt object while I yelp girlishly, bring it on over.

1. The fact that these are all men.

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