Day 43 of 365: Shasha Tiel

Here is the conversation between the designer of Shasha Tiel and George Lucas. I swear to you this is real and not something I made up just for the hell of it because I am super bored:

Designer: George, I just finished with that coral reef lizard grumpy bird monster who you wanted to look "high as fuck".

Lucas: Hooray! I am happy as an apple being thrown at a wolf.

Designer: What's this guy going to be called anyway?

Lucas: This "guy" is a "gal", my gentle sir. Her name is Shasha.

Designer: Shasha? Really? Not Mooptar or Bethesday or Naturd or something like that?

Lucas: Dare you question my vision? I shall give you a swat across the brow with my hand in hopes of teaching you some manners.

Designer: Your hands are so soft. (End Scene)

Shasha Tiel is an accountant.

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  1. Can she do my taxes this Saturday?