Day 64 of 365: A Jawa my wife drew until I upload a dewback

Here is the dewback I promised.

So I had a drawing of a dewback completed for today but my back went out and I did not go into work where the scanner I use is located. What I do have is a drawing of a Jawa my wife did last night. I figured I had to do post something so that you did not think I have quit this blog as I so desperately want.

Please note that this is probably the only drawing I have ever seen my wife make so in that regards it is not too horrible. Also note that I made my wife from a mannequin and a wish so the fact that she can draw at all is downright astounding.


  1. You want to quit? Ian, you can stick it out. I believe in you. Even your wife's drawings are fun to look at, dude. Please keep it going, full steam.

  2. yes i agree.. you gotta keep going! we are all behind you!

  3. Wow, your wife has MAJOR talent!

    The FIL