Day 42 of 365: Leslomy Tacema

Remember that huge update I promised. Well, I guess by huge I meant one. I have a severe pen shortage so the drawings for today and tomorrow are done with a .5 pen, brush pen, and remnants of my .05 pen. So less details than what you might be used to but thats the way it has to be. I personally hate using the larger gauges but I needed to get something done.

What I got done was Leslomy Tacema. Leslomy Tacema was a female Duros. She was seen on both Mos Eisley and in Jabba's Palace. Don't remember this beauty from jabba's Palace? Neither do I. Here is why:

See that lump in the back? That's Leslomy.
What this screen shot is is a testament to geeks who have way too much time on their hands so they obsessively scour backgrounds and write down who was in them. How did they know this was Leslomy and not some other Duros? Well, I have no idea. I guess I will just have to trust them and pray they never respond with one of those really informative but long winded responses as to how they know such facts that make me sad I like the same things they do.
Also, what the hell is going on in this shot? What part of the Gamorrean guard is Lando's face touching? Please let it be crotch. I mean... I have no desire to see Billy Dee Williams pleasuring a porcine humanoid while various species of aliens look on. Um, bye.

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