Day 63 of 365: Tauntaun

This is a tauntaun. They smell bad outside and in. They are a lot like Jeremy in this respect because Jeremy is poor and doesn't bathe very often. Often times Jeremy will fall down a well as a cry for attention but people end up thinking it is a goat or ewe because Jeremy doesn't know how to talk, only make a goat/ewe type bellow.

Jeremy's insides smell bad because of the doctors. Not the good doctors that cured his sores but the bad ones who hook him up to cords and stuff his insides with garbage. "We are smart for doing this!" the doctors often exclaim as another empty mustard container goes into Jeremy's mouth. Jeremy is lucky when they use the mouth.

One day Jeremy will grow up to be a cashier at the local grocery mart, promoted from stock boy after just 7 months. On weekends he would volunteer at the museum, opening and closing the manual elevator door for the elderly patrons. The smell would bother them but they would take pity on him after looking into his compassionate eyes and smile through their momentary discomfort.

One day after a shift at the museum a man will cut Jeremy open with a lightsaber and sleep inside him for warmth. I guess he is like a tauntaun in that respect as well.

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