Day 57 of 365: AT-AT

Quickest drawing yet! I did this in a little over 11 minutes and I must say it turned out, well, alright I guess.

AT-ATs may be the greatest way to travel while also upstaging Hannibal. Do you get it? Because he had elephants... These are modeled after elephants... Am I stretching here?

Does anyone still read this anymore?


  1. I read this every day! :) I couldn't think of anything funny about Admiral Ackbar.

  2. I read it, and will until you draw Jar Jar.

  3. sometimes i check this like 4 times in one day, in hopes that you did a bonus drawing for the day.

  4. Ghengis Khan didn't have elephants. He had lots of horses with really short legs. Hannibal is the one famous for elephants.