Day 52 of 365: Conan Antonio Motti

Motti is the reason that no matter how silly I think a religion is, I will never criticize it. He taught me that there is always a chance that it is real and that a member of the religion may possess the ability to choke you with it.

He is also named after Conan O'Brien.

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  1. I once heard of a guy in my area who told a woman that her religious/spiritual beliefs were silly.

    Now this young woman was known for her spiritual "powers" or "faculties" and she became mad at him.

    After a while, that guy underwent a series of strange accidents, eg. a car accident, domestic accidents, falling, nightmares, and so on.

    I hope he'll leave his skepticism, as dark energies should not be laughed at and human pride "doesn't pay".