Day 121 of 365: Leesub Sirlin

Leesub Sirln was a Force-sensitive Qiraash who demonstrated limited powers of precognition. She was enslaved as a child before being discovered by High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne, who selected her as a Force adept. She escaped Tremayne and hid in Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine, where she was seen lurking in Chalmun's Cantina in 0 BBY.


Days 115-120 of 365: The Modal Nodes

Sorry about the "delay" but would you really care all of these guys separately. I figured I would lump 6 days together in the common interest of not seeing basically the same guy over and over again. Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes were an all-Bith music band, specializing in the fields of Jizz (hehe) and Jatz (not as funny). The membership roster of the band alternated over the years, adding and subtracting members whenever the situation called for it. They persistently maintained at least five permanent performers at any one time and sometimes as many as seven. The known members of the Modal Nodes included:

Figrin D'an (kloo horn, gasan string drum, drawn earlier, not pictured here)
Doikk Na'ts (Dorenian Beshniquel)
Ickabel G'ont (fanfar)
Tedn Dahai (fanfar)
Tech Mo'r (ommni box)
Nalan Cheel (bandfill)
Lirin Car'n (kloo horn)

I have no idea which are which in this picture. They all look alike. Like Asians... I mean, I am not a racist. Whoops.

Oh, this covers me for tomorrow too.


Day 114 of 365: Rycar Ryjerd

Rycar was known on set as the "Flash Gordon Midget".


Day 113 of 365: Takeel

Takeel was a Snivvian mercenary and burned-out spice addict who frequented Chalmun's Cantina, looking for employment. He was also known by the nickname "Hunchback".
Sorry, folks, there is going to be a lot of these types of characters in a row. I have a lot of days to fill and these characters are how I am going to fill it. . . with "spice addicts".

Day 112 of 365: George Lucas

As much as I bash this man for the recent follies, I still think he is an amazing man who had an amazing vision. Happy Star Wars Day, George.

Note: I hit save instead of publish so here is yesterday's post a day late.


Happy Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you! Get it? Its clever. I am honoring this special day by giving you a taste of some of the best Star Wars art that is not mine.

Hugh Fleming:

Ashley Wood:

and last but not least Brandon Bird:

See you with my update ASAP.


Day 111 of 365: Chewbacca

Chewbacca. What else can I say?

Day 110 of 365: Nabrun Leids

Super phoned in. Maybe the next one will be awesome.

Day 109 of 365: Djas Puhr

I did one of this fellow in ink but it ended up as the Alderaan drawing. It just got too dark. So here is a pencil version.

Day 108 of 365: Alderaan

Get it?