Day 9 of 365: Nien Nunb

Nien Nunb was a Sullustan smuggler. He worked for the SoroSuub Corporation as a smuggler. During one of his smuggling flights he befriended Lando Calrissian (awesome guy)—an individual Nunb would have great deals with in later years. It was with Calrissian (awesome guy) that he would copilot the Millennium Falcon during the epic Battle of Endor. He went on to become the administrator of the Kessel spice mines, and sporadically worked with the New Republic and its successor, the Galactic Alliance.

Fun fact: That gibberish spewing from his mouth is a real language. It is called Haya and over a million people speak it. Even though it is a real language, I chose to believe he is just yelling profanity or being ultra skeptical in his Sullustan language. This allows me to feel a bond with Nien because that is exactly what I would be doing.

Me: Oh, shit
Lando: That blast came from the death Star! That thing's operational!
Me: Shit, shit, shit!

Me: Well, this will never ever work. You know we are going to die right?
Lando: Don't worry, my friend's down there.
Me: So are a shit ton of Imperial forces. Whats he going to do, have that wookie hijack an AT-ST walker as well as make friends with the native Ewoks so that they build a lot of weapons out of logs and ropes and shit to take down hi tech Imperial forces? A wookie driving an AT-ST, that I would like to see, before I die. We are so going to die.


  1. Possibly the funniest/best post so far.

    Haya is a real language? ...I gotta find the real translations.