Day 11 of 365: Boba Fett

Reasons Boba Fett is awesome:
Amazing outfit.
His ship is named the Slave I, this is like naming your ship Badass Express if naming your ship Badass Express didn't automatically make you a douche.
He had to be verbally warned against disintegrating people. This is the most awesome thing to ever be verbally warned about.

Reason he is not awesome:
Two words: Sarlacc Pit


  1. Sarlacc Pit is a tough break. You think the guy would've put a safety latch on the jetpack, or something.

    I like living dangerously as much as the next guy, but having a blind dude shoot you into a monster is pretty lame.

  2. You also think he would have had more sense than to attack a Jedi with rope.

  3. he did fight his way out of the sarlacc to be fair to him, which is pretty badass