Day 16 of 365: Muftak

Muftak was a male Talz seen in Chalmun's Cantina during the infamous meeting of Skywalker and Solo. A known alcoholic, Muftak was one of the pioneers of drunk driving. However, after his third offense a judge sentenced him to appear in a PSA warning against the dangers of drunk driving.
This was the result:

Edit: For some reason this reminded me of that episode of Blossom where Joey's friend on the baseball team is a drunk. He thought he was being slick by putting vodka in the water bottle so he could drink during practice because vodka doesn't smell. There was a lot wrong with that guy's logic. Mainly:

a) He thought mixing vodka and athletics would not make him disastrously ill.
b) Water bottles are really big. If you fill one with vodka and then drink it, barf will happen. By "barf", I mean "death".
c) Vodka does smell. It smells just like daddy before daddy gets belt hitty.


  1. OH my god that was hilarious!! Made my day.;)

  2. I...really can't believe they made a drunk driving PSA about Muftak.
    Also, what are you gonna run into in space?