Day 17 of 365: Bom Vimdin

Think about every hockey player in your high school. Now imagine he looked like he ate faces. Voila! While actually not a face eater, Bom Vimdin was a Advozse smuggler and mercenary during the Galactic Civil War. A pessimistic, reclusive being, he had no loyalties to anyone other than himself, and cared only for his credit balance. Around 0 BBY, he was a regular at Chalmun's Cantina in Mos Eisley, though he was widely disliked. Vimdin worked for a wide array of corrupt and dishonorable officials in his life, though his operations thrived during the time of the New Republic.

Wow, that part at the end where I wasn't attempting to be clever was super boring. I apologize for that. I could just erase it but then you wouldn't know a thing about Bom Vimdin and then where would we be?

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