Day 19 of 365: Max Rebo

Maxy Rebo, fat blue elephant thing who was master of the red ball organ. He was the leader of the Max Rebo band which George Lucas super-ruined in 1997 when he made the lead singer, Sy Snootles, CG and then paired her up with the worst character in Star Wars history, Rappertunie. Luckily Max stayed in puppet form but pairing a character made up of silk backpacks with a bunch of crappy CG characters makes the puppet look more like a puppet and the CG look more like over the top garbage.

If you do not remember this "scene rape" then I encourage you to watch it again. While watching it, try not to be embarrassed by what you are watching. Guess what? You can't. Seriously, watching the "special edition" gave me the same kind of uncomfortable feeling I got when I was 14 and I watched Clerks and my mother came into the room during a part where the dialogue focused mainly on blow jobs.

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