Day 12 of 365: Grand Moff Tarkin

Wilhuff Tarkin was a Human male from Eriadu who became the first Grand Moff. Born to an influential family, Tarkin lived a life of luxury on the Outer Rim planet Eriadu. Eventually, he became governor of the planet.

When the Galactic Empire was formed in 19 BBY under now-Emperor Palpatine, the ambitious Tarkin became a Moff. Not long after, he was promoted to Grand Moff, the first individual to achieve such a rank.

When the Death Star project was commissioned, Tarkin was placed in charge. He used the mighty superweapon to destroy the planet Alderaan, in the belief that this demonstration of power would silence the Rebel Alliance. Tarkin and his theory were wrong, and he died when the Rebels destroyed the Death Star in the Battle of Yavin.

Apparently he also has a bit of an odor problem and can be smelled from long distances..

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  1. he looks like my grandpa, gosh so many people I know resemble star wars characters