Day 32 of 365: Reegesk

This was Tim's guess and the final Cantina character from the list of all the guesses. Aside from "weird flute guy", I mean.

This is Reegesk. He is a rat man not unlike Splinter or Paris Hilton (If you did not know, Paris Hilton has a weird rat face. When you type his name into the Google search engine you get asked by Google "Did you mean: Regis?" Here is my response to google in letter form that I will never send:

Dearest Google,

No, I did not mean Regis. In fact, I will never mean Regis. I am insulted that a) You assume I am such a terrible speller that I somehow though that "Reegesk" was the phonetic way of spelling Regis and b)that you think I would be doing a search for Regis.
Google, I thought you knew me better than that.
You know I am not a 3 year old and have excellent spelling abilities, the spelling abilities of a 10 - 12 year old in fact. You also know how much I hate Regis Philbin and would never intend to type his name into you. Yes I know there is a college and a salon also named Regis, but think Google, why would I want those either? I have no intention of going to college again and I cut my own hair. You should know this because last week I typed in both "how to get out of paying student loans without going back to college" as well as "hats".
Maybe I haven't been good enough to you and this is your response to my abuse. Sure, I have searched for way too much "Elizabeth Shue nude" due to that Karate Kid fantasy no one knows about and there was that week where I was reading up all about Spider-Man's Clone Saga, and I know how much you, and by you I mean the search results that come up when you enter "Clone Saga", hate the Clone Saga. But I am flawed just like everyone else and I figured you would be able to get past this.
Maybe our time has come to part ways. I am going to experiment with Yahoo! for a bit. They don't ask if I mean "Regis". They pay attention to me.