Day 31 of 365: GNK (Gonk) Power Droid

What is it about a Gonk droid that makes me so happy? Does it's shape remind me of waste disposal, thus making me joyous I live in a land where I can throw out anything I want. Whether it be batteries or oil. dreams or fire, the trash is where it can be placed when one wants it to become not their problem.

Is it it's legs and the fact that this makes it clear there is a midget inside? Does this inject humanity into an otherwise cold and lifeless vessel. And at those legs are two adorable feet. I do enjoy things that are adorable.

Is it the noise? The gentle "GONK" that sound slightly aloof, yet still hopeful. Is it this that reminds me of a 7th grader at a school dance in 1995. There he is, slightly overweight, hair parted perfectly down the middle, JNCO jeans frayed at the bottom, mustering up courage to ask a girl to dance. The boy is sweating due to the crowd and feels this will make the acne stand out even more. The Boyz to Men song is nearing the halfway point and it is time to find someone not taken by the far more handsome and socially adept lads in the gym cleverly decorated to resemble an aquarium or something. There is a lady over there, she is with friends and they are coming back from the bathroom. Move now, boy! Strike before the kid who is way too tall with the giant head gets there. Yes, you are asking her. Alright, you stammered a bit and your voice cracked but that's not a total deal breaker. She said yes! And with a minute to spare! Now you don't have to stand next to that kid in the sweat pants who still thinks girls are icky. If only you can prevent a boner, you are in the clear.