Day 24 of 365: Greedo

You know what? Han didn't shoot first. Take all of those t-shirts and burn them because they are wrong. Wrong. You know why they are so wrong? Because Han did not shoot first, he was the only shooter. I guess technically the only person to do something was also the first to do it but when you kill the person who you are shooting first against, you do not really give the chance for that person to then come in second. It would be like me claiming to come in first in a eat 3 boxes of donettes while watching Cartoon Network for 9 straight hours contest. Does this make any sense? No? Well, now I am going to talk about Burger King.

In 2005 Burger King did something awesome. Then they went and did something that pissed me off. Actually, they didn't go and do it. They did it at the same time, it just took me awhile to get pissed off. First, the awesome. They released about 40 toys over the course of 6 weeks. Myself, Peter and Josh made it a quest to get all of them. This goal began immediately after this:

and this:

So, unfortunate Leia aside, you could safely say we were primed to waste a summer having Burger King poops in order to get every toy possible while also setting amazing records on Super Punch Out and not sleeping. It was a great summer.

What pissed me off came after all the toys were collected. It seems Burger King does not feel Greedo or Lando was worthy of a toy. Super Battle Droid? Sure give him one. Jimmy Smits? You got it! Watto? Yes, indeed! Greedo? No! Lando? NO!
Its not like these characters are beloved and awesome and not sucky battle droids. I was pissed to the point of expressing my anger to the lady at the counter at a BK in South Bend, IN. While I was met with only confusion, it made me feel a bit better. I then stole a Darth Vader decal from the window and ran for it, 32 oz of soda in hand.

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