Day 26 of 365: Kardue'sai'Malloc

Here is my favorite excerpt from wookiepedia on this guy:

"Malloc stayed on Tatooine, where he lived under the alias of 'Labria' to avoid bounty hunters. The term was an obscene one in Devaronese, meaning 'cold food'."

So old Cold Food here is another in my Cantina series. If you can guess who from the Cantina I am going to post tomorrow, you get to choose a character of your choice for me to draw and then I will give it to you. Hint: its not a main character, those are reserved for holidays.


  1. God damn it I was going to say Schous... but if he's taken, I gotta go with my number two, Pons Limbic!

  2. I'm torn between Gasgano and Myo.

    I'll go for Myo.