Day 27 of 365: Kabe

Well, you all lost. As a consolation, I will draw every character you guessed for this upcoming week. This is not much of a consolation since you don't really get anything, but it is good for me because I don't have to think.

On to Kabe. . .

Kabe is Muftak's adopted daughter. Thats right daughter, this thing is a lady. The thing is also a drunk and would get so hammered that Muftak would have to carry her home after a night of drinking at the Cantina. So in addition to being a lady, Kabe is my kind of lady. This also makes Muftak that father who let his 15 year old drink in the basement. While it was cool at first it just became creepy as time went on. All the friends who were initially thrilled with the idea would eventually depart permanently. The father would go on to destroy his marriage and form a bond with the son based solely on alcohol. Fueled by liquor the two would try various hair brained schemes to make money and listen to the Steve Miller band on a almost constant basis. Hitting bars to pick up women was a common endeavor for the two but it never produced many results as their method of approach was filled with clumsy pick-up lines and slurred speech. Eventually the father would develop a liver disease and the son, balding and overweight at the age of 30, would have to say good-bye to the dad the only way he knew how, a bottle of whiskey and a complete lack of emotion. On his own now, the son would have nothing to do but cruise around pissing away what little inheritance he had received, eventually selling the condo in Miami for far less than it was worth. Using the condo money as a seed, the son would attempt to begin a karaoke business. He would be bankrupt in 4 months. Alone, he would spend the rest of his days crying into a bottle in the dingy motel where he hired his first prostitute years back, during what he always thought of as better days but he now realized were empty and meaningless and the foundation on which he built his mansion of sorrow.

Hey, I never said these things were supposed to be funny.


  1. I actually watched that scene and was gonna guess this guy but I couldn't find his name, and I didn't wanna sound dumb by saying "that bat man thing." :(

  2. I am going to run this contest again soon but with a 2nd tier character instead of these 3rd stringers.