Day 87 of 365: Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano is, in my opinion, the weak spot in the Clone Wars series. Her character design is off putting and her voice actor makes her sound far too vapid for a Jedi apprentice. She seems like the cliche tv character whose whole purpose is to roll their eyes and say "Here we go again." whenever the far better character is doing something awesome involving alligators or dynamite. Plus she is a floating head which is just weird. Just kidding, I did that because I have trouble drawing spindly arms and shoulders.
On an off note, what do hairless padawans grow out instead of a (lame)braid? If you saw the first Clone Wars cartoon, volume two, you would see that the cutting off of the (stupid)braid was a main part of the crazy "you're a Jedi" ceremony. It was like a hair circumcision minus the super horror of the penis variety circumcision.

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