Day 86 of 365: Asajj Ventress

How many days have I missed total? Can someone do the math for me so I can get my shit caught up? If you do I will grant you a wish just as long as your wish is for me to never punch you in the head. Do we got a deal?

This fine lady is Asajj Ventress. She is from the Clone Wars animated series. Both of them actually. While kind of sucking and being way too snake like in the first series, she has become far more awesome in the new series. Speaking of awesome, the Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network is awesome. It just shows what people can do with Star Wars as long as George Lucas keeps away from writing or directing.


  1. Dengar, I dont think you have done him yet.

  2. doh.
    You have.
    How about the Rancor!

  3. April 27th is the 117th day of the year. If you don't count your spring break then 110. So that would be 24 days?

  4. I really dug Ventress in the original Clone Wars series. Haven't checked out the new series yet. Really should do that one of these days, huh?

  5. 11 days total, since you started January 13th. We love you!


  6. Or rather, 11 days minus the spring break days which were...a week or so?