Day 79 of 365: Dianoga

I feel a major character coming on. Suggest one, not Vader, and it will be drawn.

Edit: Not Han either. That will be done for a friend's birthday. Jake, when is your birthday? June right?


  1. You're so awesome. I'm really pumped already. June 24th, dear sir.

    ...Is a snowspeeder a character?

  2. Oh wait you sort of did him.

    Maybe Ben Kenobi. Or 3PO

  3. Yeah, was Expanded Universe acceptable? I was gonna say Xizor.

  4. Do you plan on doing multiples of the Main Characters, such as Luke on Tatooine and Luke in Empire after he loses the hand *SPOILER ALERT, and finally Luke in his all black outfit in Jedi?

    Sometimes I wonder what the trilogy would be like if Michael J. Fox was the right age to play Luke. You know, if time travel was really possible. I know what it would be like for me. I'd have a lot more tattoos right now, that's for damn sure.