Day 72 of 365: April Fools?

To answer the two word question I posed in the subject: Sort of.

You see, Bea Arthur is worthy of being drawn and place on this blog as an April Fool's joke but this is not a complete "fool". Bea Arthur actually was in a Star Wars related... well... "special"

See @ 1:27:

She plays Ackmena. She was a favorite personage of the regular patrons there. Unlike Wuher, the dayshift bartender, Ackmena's friendliness and open personality livened the atmosphere of the room immensely. She would routinely lend money to needy patrons and offer free drinks on special occasions. Assisting her at the bar was a diminutive female barmaid (name unknown), and a tall, blue-faced bouncer named Tork.

Happy April Fool's Day, Assholes.


  1. Oh, Bea! What a dame - although, she'd probably lambaste me from here to Dagobah for calling her that... Regardless of your intentions, I'm taking this as a direct tribute. Speaking of which... (check your email)

  2. Perhaps the singularly best moment in all of Star Wars lore: Bea Arthur. I remember the chills, the euphoric spine tingle, when Arthur made her Star Wars debut. No one, not Harrison Ford, not Ewan MacGregor, and not even Jar Jar Binks, can rival her magnificence.