Day 100 of 365: Grevious

Dear George Lucas,

Thank you for making a television show so I could see more of this character that kicked so much ass in the Clone Wars animated series from 2003 but then you made a giant disappointment in that movie where Hayden Christensen plays a mass murderer and Samuel L Jackson melts some old guy's face. It has given me a chance to see more of a great villain who died too early. I guess you learned from past mistakes such as killing off the best part of Phantom Shit leaving me enraged and not at all excited too see the next one. That was until I saw previews of Jango Fett. Then I was back to being interested again. Then you killed him too and you can pretty much guess what my response was. For the third one I knew this fellow was going to die. You weren't creative enough to find a way to let him live without fucking up continuity but I figured I was in for a show. Sadly the whole time he ran away from danger and coughed a lot. This was pretty confusing seeing as how he was constantly killing Jedi in the cartoon and collecting their lightsabers. But no, a blast to the chest kills him and I wasn't even given a thrilling battle. Just Obi Wan riding a mop dinosaur and Grevious being a coward suffering from Tuberculoses.

But now I have a second chance to see Grevious in action. He is not as kick ass as he was in the 2003 cartoon, but I understand you are old and set in your ways, unwilling to heed anyone's advice even though everyone in the entire world thinks most of the shit you come up with now is insane. Of course, not having one of the most menacing looking characters of all time being a cowardly asthmatic is a good idea. Everyone thinks its lame but you know best, isn't that right George. Maybe just a bit got through and you allowed the writers of The Clone Wars to make Grevious less of a pussy, but thats the limit that you are willing to go. You can only offer small concessions such as having Han and Greedo shoot at the same time or not replacing Mark Hamill with a CGI version of mark Hamill in the newest "special edition" or making Revenge of the Sith suck just a tad less than Attack of the Clones.

As much as I love you, George, sometimes I fucking hate you.



That is it for today, folks. I will be bringing us up to speed totally tomorrow. I figured I would like to end on a high(ish) note.

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